Our Journey
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A Beginning
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News: Our T-Shirts have come in! The sizes we carry are Xtra-Large, Large, Medium and Small. Limited supply, so come get the while they are still hot off the presses.

News: The newest album, "Our Journey" by the RedTail Spirit Singers is now available. You can purchase your copy from either on iTunes, Archambault...or from the drum group. It is also possible that vendors at powwows may carry our music, so keep an eye out. I (Webmaster) will update the website another day to place samples of our music. For those who have listened to our album, enjoy! :-D

News: Album #3 is on it's way. It has been at Magra Multimedia and is being put together. The master CD is already done and this one should also go up on iTunes. I'm so glad about this as we will now reach more people then we had previously. The title of this new album is "Our Journey", I don't have any pictures yet. I will update the website when I receive new information. Stay Tuned.

To your left are 2 CD's that are currently for sale. The first one is named "A Beginning", which is our debut album. This one was our first experience in producing an album and it was such a great pleasure creating songs and making a cover design.

The next one is "Traditions..." and is our second album in which the cover was designed and crafted by our own Jesse Ach. This album was put together with love and respect of a few people. The Black Watch in Kahnawake and Big Sexy also of Kahnawake. A memorial song was done for Big Sexy composed by Frank Horn. The other one is Amazing Grace in which the Black Watch, who use the Traditional Scottish Bagpipes were honored by our version of the song on the powwow drum. This song is greatly appreciated by the Black Watch. Chi Miigwetch guys.

To your left are links to a page with samples of each song of our 2 albums. Generally, they are 30 seconds except the Iroquois Songs on the first album.

We are in the process of setting up a secure transaction system for our website so you can purchase our music online in places such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc. Will place more details when everything is in progress.

Recent Changes:

May 15, 2013
Added the music sample page for the 3rd RTSS CD "Our Journey". Edited the BIO page some more.

May 14, 2013
Modified the BIO page and separated the drummers pages. Added information on powwows already went to and possible places to go.

March 6, 2013
Added pictures in the image gallery. 2010 and begun adding pictures for 2011.

Februrary 2nd, 2010
Created a webpage of each album so that people may listen to a sample of our music.

Februrary 3rd, 2010
Modified the Bio page, added pictures and started to input additional information.

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